Building Building Building…

So this last weekend we’ve (I have) been honing my ‘building skills’ – sort of a LARGE SCALE practise run for our bus.

I scored a little chippy job helping one of my brothers-in-law put together a timber frame granny flat that one of his mates is building.

It felt great actually, breaking out the ‘ole carpentry skills for a few hours, and great that our son Thomas came to give us a hand too.

Having some building and maintenance skills will sure come in handy for bringing in a little ‘coffee money’ once we hit the road – and at the moment it’s topping up the #busfund

Anyway, now that the bus a/c is properly decommissioned with gas reclaimed, the next few steps are to rip it off the roof and whack on a couple of new roof sheets and sort the leaks out, then finish the internal demo and get started on the ceiling 😁😁

onward and upward….