Today I (Michelle) am feeling a little overwhelmed and blergh about the bus reno.

It was a hard day today. Having to take apart little bits to work out how the bus was put together. Finding so much tack welded and riveted from the top and unable to be removed without days and days of grinding, or taking the whole roof of… so we’re changing plans as we go to suit the bus, our timeframe, and our money flow.

It feels like we are not that much closer even after all the work we did today. It wasnt one of those ‘feeling accomplished’ days!

We have come up with ‘another’ new plan forward. What things need to be done in what order, what are the things we have to do now and what things can we do later on over the years and what things are not worth the time and effort.

I remember these times from when we built a second story on our home many years ago and so I also remember that sometimes it also feels amazing and flows and you feel like everything is right with the world 😁

So today I am grateful for Chris for being my rock and reminding me that we have got this! 💪