Window 1 = Done ✔

Pretty much since we bought our beautiful new bus, we’ve had our eyes out for windows that open and close. When we bought her, the roof mounted a/c wasn’t working, and wasn’t really efficient enough for us to power without the bus motor running.

We’d decided we wanted the roof space for solar panels and and would look for opening windows and see how that was before we looking into getting an a/c we could run off solar power.

We finally found a couple that were close in size to what we needed at a decent price, and with a bit of elbow grease we tbought they’d come up pretty nice so we grabbed 2 – one for each side of the bus in the girls rooms.

Lucky for us they came up a treat, and this weekend’s job was to get the first one out and in, and see how the procress went and how good theu fit etc.

Well we’re pretty pleased with how it all went to be honest…

We exposed a little bit of rust once the old window was out but nothing a little wire-brush and treat/paint couldn’t handle 🖌

It just needs the final touch up trim and paint and a couple of flyscreens – but that’s all going on the to-do list for now…

Based in the success of that one, We decided to see if the guy we got them off has another 2 – to go either side in the living area for a bit more ventilation.

So the extra ventilation is ALREADY amazing and we can’t wait to get the other side of the girls rooms done, and then the living area – we’ll be able to BREATHE in the hot weather 😁😁😁😁

Rock on!! 🚌🚌🚌