6 Cylinders = 6 manifold gaskets = 12 manifold bolts #whatswrongwiththispicture

Chris has been busy playing mechanic while Michelle and the kids have been painting the first batch of ceiling boards. The plan is to have bed/s in so we can wake up in the bus Christmas morning after cruising looking at Christmas lights

I’m pleased to report that the three perpetrators have been escorted from the building. I’m talkin’ about the 3 snapped manifold bolts we inherited along with a manifold leak…. In the end Chris drilled the little buggers thru and re-tapped the holes (with a $9 tap-set from bunnings – score!!)

A couple slightly off centre but I reckon the manifold has enough play that she’ll be sweet 👌 – I’ll know when play resumes in daylight tomorrow, so as of now, blogs of the engine bay will be history and it’s back to decking out the ceiling.