So we looked at the orange bus that was pictured in our last blog-post, and as much it’s exciting to be looking, it was a little disheartening if that was what $5000 gets ya with the amount of rust and work before we even started turning it into a home.

Anyway, yesterday we looked at the blue one and WOW – what a difference. Same price, about the same age, and sure it has its cosmetic characteristics, it’s mostly exactly that – cosmetic, so we can get started on the strip out and build pretty much straight away 😀

That AND when the bloke took us for a drive in it, it just felt like “the one”. The next step was to confirm that Michelle’s Dad actually wanted to buy our camper, and see about getting some funds so we could make the purchase.

We went straight to her Dad’s work, which incidentally is her brother’s Bushfire Mitigation business, Michelle batted her eyelids a little and said “Daaaaaaadd!!”. And today the money is on it’s way to us ready to make the transfer and go collect out home-to-be!!

Here’s a little intro-tour Chris made…