The Journey Begins…

Magick And Marathons

Michelle came up with the idea of combining our gifts, talents and businesses a year or so ago, and I REALLY loved the idea although there was always something (some sort of fear??) stopping me…

I guess I knew I would really have to be myself (unleash my greatness??) and move past the ‘limits’ of playing the role of what people expected from a PT/Professional Business owner. Not that I ever felt that I was being “fake”, but that I maybe wasn’t being “all of me” for fear that I might be seen as unprofessional – or worse, not liked 😱

This last few weeks has scared me shitless (if I’m honest) but also really given me space to forget about roles and responsibilities and investigate the parts of me I’ve been repressing. I’ve been tired, exhilarated, emotional, enthusiastic, cranky, excited all at the same time.

It’s nice to start to feel what my “new normal” might be like, and feeling ready to explore what else might become uncovered as I grow in this journey… just wanted to say thanks for following and sharing our journey ❤

Bus update coming soon, we’ve been perusing a few online and likely to be looking at one (in Esperance) pretty soon 😁🚌 stay tuned….