Ok so we created some anticipation and like most little projects there was a little more involved than we anticipated…. .
🚍pull up the old floor
.🚍pull up the smelly leather we found underneath
.🚍grind off the rivets
.🚍grind off the angle that the old seats bolted to
.🚍grind off the angle above the windows (not necessary for the floor, but while we had the grinder out)
.🚍pull the old seats out
.🚍wire brush the surface rust of the inside wall sheet
.🚍treat said rust
.🚍install another section of converted-pallet-ceiling
.🚍lay the underlay (yeah-ha, yeah-ha)
.🚍lay the back half of the NEW FLOOR 👏👏 and there you have it!!! .

The pics and vids on our instagram say it best….

was a long few days/nights, and a lot of it in 40°heat (but also in the shade of the workshop @entirefire) so today’s a rest day….