Magick And Marathons is born…

Magick And Marathons is Michelle and Chris, both from WA although loved living almost 10 years in SA.

In March 2016, life took a pretty hectic turn for Chris and Michelle, soon after their first grand daughter was born, Michelle presented at the E.R. with what Chris expected was a migraine. Michelle had never had them before, but had had a series of headache/nausea episodes over the preceding few weeks and they weren’t subsiding.

Chris took Michelle off to Emergency and told the kids he was taking Mum to the local hospital to get a drip and maybe some pain relief and they’d be home in probably a few hours…

It took them both by surprise when the local hospital wanted to transfer Michelle to Flinders (Adelaides major Hospital for the southern suburbs) by Ambulance because her “blood didn’t look quite right”….

The following morning Michelle was diagnosed with a rare blood condition known as T.T.P. (Thrombotic, Thrombocytopenic, Purpura) and spent the following 3 weeks in ICCU at Flinders, then a week on a ward before being discharged.

Initially we were told it would be a rough ride for a few weeks, then all back to pretty much normal. What actually eventuated was a long year of recovery and learning about the condition, among complications like fatigue and joint pain.

Chris was unable to maintain full-time hours in his Outdoor Group PT Business to a point where it affected them financially and when their landlord decided to return to the rental they were living in at Willunga SA, with low demonstrated income, a handful of unpaid bills plus teenage kids and two dogs, their rental applications didn’t look so great on paper, regardless of their impeccable record.

Together they decided to give the rental system the middle finger and bring forward their dream of travelling by moving back to WA to Mchelle’s parents rural property and buy a bus to convert and begin #slowliving the #buslife…..

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