Baby Steps…

I MADE MY OWN COFFEE TODAY 👌, and I have uggies on BOTH feet ✔

Interesting how when you are unable to do the things you’d normally take for granted for a few days (or more) they mean SO MUCH when you’re able to do them again. While healing from a gaping wound is one thing, it has been an interesting time of reflection to honour my (Chris) value comes from more than my capability to “DO” shit.

Moral of the story – we are ALL valuable humans, just as we are, not because we are a good/capable father, husband, mother, sister, brother etc, whether we can make COFFEE or not ✔ that means YOU too.

The gaping leg-wound is now well on it’s way to healing, and Chris has been pottering doing a few small jobs here and there, including cutting up and painting some steel for patching up around the new windows, as well as installing a bracket for the new 24v TV to mount in the bedroom, and of course that means movie night!!!

So we have a bed-full tonight with a couple of little visitors…. our neice Hazel and our grandaughter Susie – but who is that on the left?!? Is that Aunty Michelle or Nanna?!? And it looks like the couch is going to be full too, cos Uncle Chris has to share it with Grandad #soconfusing

Thank goodnes the little monkeys 🙊 are sleeping down the house and I only have to wait til movie night is over before I can crawl into bed… zzzzzzzz