A Hundred Degrees in the Shade…

With this almost 40°c again this weekend, we borrowed some more shade from @entirefire , and while @michelle_eves was busy trimming some more ceiling lining to length, @chris.eves.pt was inside the bus continuing what we started in the evenings during the week.

The ceiling is well underway with a decent batch of pallet-boards trimmed and machined ready for painting, so while that’s all well in hand, we tasked Chris with starting the floor – from the back also. We are thinking that once we have enough ceiling and floor in the back of the bus, we can stick our bed in and start living in our own space again.

While we are very grateful for having the space in Michelle’s parent’s house, we really want a space we can call our own again!!

We’re excited about making some ‘visual’ progress this week and unveiling the results real soon 😜😜